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Get 2 the Core - Automatically detect drill core tray outlines in core photography (closed)

Unearthed Solutions
This challenge has closed.
Partners: Newcrest Mining, Unearthed Solutions
Audience: Researchers
Anticipated Funding: $20,000
Closing Date: July 23, 2018
Start Date: June 25, 2018
Last Updated: April 1, 2019 1:21 AM
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The Challenge

Please find the full challenge description and rules  on the Unearthed competition portal 

The challenge - $10,000 for the top score

This challenge is to submit masking instructions for a set of core tray images. We are providing you with a training dataset of images and completed masking instructions, the ground truth. The test data set consists of images only, for which you need to predict the masking instructions via a CSV file. This file can automatically be scored against the existing, but hidden masking instructions.

Critically, the solution needs to be able to perform on inconsistent photography where:

  • Core boxes can be made from different materials (wood, steel, cardboard, plastic);
  • Images are highly variable in terms resolution, aspect ratio and quality;  
  • The relative position of the core tray within the image can be variable. 

Open Tech Prize - $ 5,000 for the top solution

You also have an additional chance to win the Open Tech Prize by submitting an alternative approach which solves the underlying problem of cropping images. You can submit your solution by attaching a presentation, report or video to the final submission. The main prize and the Open Tech prize are independent of each other, which means you are not required to submit a score or solution for one prize to qualify for the other.

Your submission will be judged qualitatively by an expert judging panel of the sponsor based on the following criteria:

  • Implementation (how easy could the solution be implemented)  
  • Creativity
  • Ability to capture geometrical complexity

The Partners

Newcrest MiningUnearthed Solutions

Terms and Conditions

Please visit the competition site for terms and conditions.

How to Apply

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