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Enable a Richer and More Memorable Event Experience (closed)

Experia Events
This challenge has closed.
Anticipated Funding: SGD 35,000
Applications close: February 14, 2020
Last Updated: February 16, 2020 10:07 PM
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The Challenge

SACEOS is the trade association of the meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE) industry in Singapore, to promote growth development and enhance the infrastructure as well as the capabilities of the MICE industry.

Experia Events, a member of SACEOS, specialises in organising and managing conferences, trade exhibitions of strategic interest that spurs economic development.

In a typical exhibition and conference format, exhibitors traditionally remain on the exhibition floor, away from the conferences and workshops. Conference delegates hardly have the luxury of time to leave the conference area to visit the exhibition floors, and even if they do, navigating through floors of conference and expo is a challenge and takes even more valuable time away. This is especially so for venues where the expo and conference floors are detached, such as Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Hence, exhibitors on the exhibition floors are often unable to connect with conference delegates, while conference delegates often complain of not having the time or being able to find the right solution provider (exhibitor) for their needs.

Three key questions are typically on delegates and exhibitors’ minds:

  • Who do I want to meet?
  • Who do I want to target? (region and country)
  • Which sector or industry am I interested in?

Experia Events aims to close the gap between conference delegates and exhibitors so that conference delegates can have more quality time to meet exhibitors and attend conference sessions they are interested in, instead of laboriously searching who and where to meet. Consequently, this value-adds to exhibitors where they will be able to secure more business opportunities through more quality traffic.

Now, attendees cannot be treated as a homogeneous crowd, instead, they must be recognised as an individual, and understand what motivates them for better engagement. Experia Events hopes to better understand each individual attendee based on the data collected, in order to provide individualised recommendations and experiences. By harnessing the data collected from attendees, this solution can help to better profile and analyse the vast customer database to anticipate their needs more accurately, creating a more enriching and immersive experience for the conference and exhibition attendees.

Problem Statement

How might we anticipate the needs of delegates, exhibitors and trade visitors more accurately, so as to enable a richer event experience?

What They Are Looking For

  • A Proof-of-Concept (POC) solution that leverages on digital technology with location tracking capabilities to provide smart and relevant recommendations (both business and leisure activities) to users before and during the event. When onsite, the platform should be able to prompt real-time recommendations based on the physical location of the delegates.
  • The platform should be able to:


  • Retrieve data from delegates’ registration forms and different databases (e.g. social networks, professional networks like LinkedIn, company websites) or perhaps have delegates answer a couple of basic profiling questions.
  • The platform should then intelligently provide personalised business and leisure recommendations.
  • Some types of recommendations include:
    • Exhibitors to meet.
    • Conference sessions to attend.
    • Business activities to sign up for.
    • Exciting activities to experience onsite.
    • Local tours and attractions to visit (for overseas delegates).
  • The recommendations should be:
    • Relevant (delegate sees immediate relevance).
    • Unexpected (prompts in a refreshing way).
    • Value-adding (predicts ahead the kind of information that the delegate needs/ wants, e.g. wayfinding assistance to the conference room that the delegate has bookmarked prompted 10 mins before the session begins).

At the Event

  • Capture the location and actions of the delegate to provide intelligent and relevant recommendations (e.g. prompt delegate recommendations of top 10 exhibitors to meet when he reaches the expo floor, recommendations of relevant site visits to attend because he scanned an exhibitor’s QR code).
  • Provide wayfinding function to the selected recommended point of interest. While on the way to the point of interest, his journey can be value-added with relevant prompts (e.g. 20m away to claim your free coffee made by a robot).
  • As many of the attendees are overseas delegates, the platform should also provide smart recommendations on relevant and meaningful leisure activities, tours and attractions to visit based on their personal profile.

There are no restrictions on the geographic location of the problem solvers who may choose to apply to this challenge. However, the POC needs to be demonstrated in Singapore.

Eligibility Criteria

There are no restrictions on the geographic location of the problem solvers who may choose to apply to this challenge. However, the POC needs to be demonstrated in Singapore.

You, (or any of your teammates, if you are participating in the Challenge as a team) must not be a current employee of (a) Experia, or (b) any other organisation who is involved in administering or organising the Challenge (including IMDA).

For full details on this challenge please see the SG:D Open Innovation Platform website.

Terms and Conditions

For full details on this challenge please see the SG:D Open Innovation Platform website.

How to Apply

To apply for this challenge please see the SG:D Open Innovation Platform website.

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