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CO2 Conversion Challenge Phase 2

Owner: NASA
Tags: Space, Bio Manufacturing, Carbon Dioxide, CO2, In-Space Manufacturing, Mars, Molecular Compounds, Chemistry
Audience: Other, Subject Matter Experts, Businesses, Researchers
Anticipated Funding: Up to USD $750,000
Apllications close: November 30, 2019
Last Updated: September 27, 2019 3:36 AM
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The Challenge

The Challenge seeks to develop novel synthesis technologies that use carbon dioxide (CO2) as the sole carbon source to generate molecules that can be used to manufacture a variety of products, including substrates for use in microbial bioreactors. Because CO2 is readily abundant within the Martian atmosphere, such technologies will translate into in-situ manufacturing of products to enable humans to live and thrive on the planet, and also be implemented on Earth by using both waste and atmospheric CO2 as a resource.

Competitors are required to build, demonstrate and produce a product from a system that manufactures simple sugars for microbial bioreactors from CO2 and hydrogen molecules, with the ultimate goal of producing glucose.

NASA is sponsoring the second phase of the CO2 Conversion Challenge with a total prize purse of up to $750,000. Phase 1, the Concept Phase, awarded a prize purse of $250,000 to five (5) teams. Phase 2, the Demonstration Phase, has a total prize purse of up to $750,000. The official rules for Phase 2 will be released prior to the opening of Phase 2.

Eligibility Criteria

For complete details on the eligibility criteria that govern CO2 Conversion Challenge Phase 2 please refer to the website.

Terms and Conditions

For complete details on the terms and conditions that govern CO2 Conversion Challenge Phase 2 please refer to the website.

How to Apply

To submit an EOI to CO2 Conversion Challenge Phase 2 please refer to the website.

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