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The Plastika Reparabilis Challenge (closed)

This challenge has closed.
Owner: UpGyres
Tags: Energy, Environment & Resources, Infrastructure, Plastic, Single use plastic, Plastic pollution, Global supply chain, Recycling
Audience: Other, Subject Matter Experts, Businesses, Students, Researchers, Start-Ups
Anticipated Funding: TBC
Applications close: October 20, 2019
Last Updated: October 20, 2019 10:14 PM
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The Challenge

The Plastika Reparabilis Challenge breakthrough is to eliminate plastic waste before it happens, boost the recovery of plastic waste, increase the value of plastic scrap, optimize resource re-utilization in the global supply chain and turning off the tap on plastic pollution of the earth and ocean.

The Challenge and its cash prizes promote and facilitate the proximity principle advocating that land and marine plastic waste should be treated close to the point at which it is generated or salvaged and that the network shall be designed to enable the Community as a whole to become self-sufficient in plastic recovery and processing operations.

After this Challenge is solved, The world will have:

  • One bin for “all plastics only”
  • Collection of ALL types of plastics in ONE bin everywhere on the PLANET
  • Fully scalable and replicable Plastic Resource Recovery Operating (Eco)System
  • Fully scalable and replicable business model for PPaS Plastic Packaging as a Service
  • A single platform and app of solution providers for the entire plastics supply chain

The positive transformations that will come from this Challenge are:

  • Local Solutions Globally. The connection of local solutions on a global scale.
  • "Glocal" solutions for the entire plastic supply chain to work collectively and collaboratively.

Eligibility Criteria

Everyone is Welcome!

UpGyres are committed to implementing solutions from back-of-the-napkin ideas to fully-fledged business models that emerge from The Plastika Reparabilis Challenge.

Not all Challenges are solved by industry experts.

The genius of crowdsourcing lies in tapping into previously inaccessible talent groups, whether geographically distant or segmented by industry sectors.

Proposals being submitted could be (non-exhaustive list):

  • Well-defined ideas requiring additional research or planning;
  • Implementation-ready strategies or projects; or
  • Initiatives or best practices that have already been implemented and could be replicated elsewhere

UpGyres are searching for the Innovators most willing to work together to make plastic re-utilization collaborative and intelligent and to scale and replicate each other's solutions as winning ecosystems worldwide.

Ecosystems of solutions are Innovations that work collaboratively by complementing each other to offer a (smaller or larger), better, faster and more profitable solution to plastic tracking, collection and recycling or upcycling. Ecosystems are Innovations that if they do not complement each other, then they can use the by-product or waste from one Innovation to convert it into a product, raw material and/or revenue stream.

For complete details on the eligibility criteria that govern the Plastika Reparabilis Challenge please refer to the website.  

Terms and Conditions

For complete terms and conditions that govern the Plastika Reparabilis Challenge please refer to the website.  

How to Apply

To submit an application to the Plastika Reparabilis Challenge please refer to the website.  

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