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Last Data Mile | Unusual Solvers (closed)

Unusual Solvers
This challenge has closed.
Tags: Drone, Drone data, Data analysis, Data visulisation, Low tech environment, Data experts, Communitiy solutions, Community impact
Audience: Other, Subject Matter Experts, Businesses, Start-Ups, Researchers, Students
Anticipated Funding: $15,000
Applications close: August 31, 2019
Last Updated: September 1, 2019 11:39 PM
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The Challenge

Once drone data has been processed into data products and analyzed to generate insights, turning these insights into action and positive outcomes for all beneficiaries is the last hurdle to overcome. For example, how can local authorities apply risk recommendations from drone data analysis to their community? Or how does a farmer translate a vegetation index into drought areas of fields and adapt irrigation? These are just 2 of hundreds of examples. Finding easy and intuitive ways for beneficiaries to visualize data and turn it into action will have a positive impact on the system, thus closing the feedback loop.

Current solutions mainly don’t take into consideration the needs of local beneficiaries. Most beneficiaries don’t live in a tech oriented environment, nor are they data experts. Many beneficiaries have limited data handling capacity and live in low-tech environments with limited or no access to connectivity and bandwidth.The sheer size of drone data and the fact that many data products and analysis tools are hosted online or ask for the use of high-performance equipment make it difficult to bring back data and insights. Finally, drone data is only a piece of the puzzle to solve local social challenges and needs to be integrated with other data sources to create actionable insights.

The goal of this challenge is to find solutions that close the feedback loop in an intuitive and low-tech way that is fitting for non-data experts.

Eligibility Criteria

The challenge is open to organisations (not-for-profit / for profit / academic and research organisations) and individuals globally. If you are an individual, you will need a company as a fiscal sponsor to move on to the next phase of the competition should your idea be chosen to enter the finalist round. 

For complete details on the eligibility criteria that govern Last Data Mile | Unusual Solvers please refer to the website.

Terms and Conditions

For complete details on the terms and conditions that govern Last Data Mile | Unusual Solvers please refer to the website.

How to Apply

To submit an application to the Last Data Mile | Unusual Solvers please refer to the website.

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