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Innovation Challenge: Sport (closed)

This challenge has closed.
Owner: VicHealth
Partners: VicHealth
Fields of Research: Public Health and Health Services, Human Movement and Sports Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Communications Technologies
Tags: Sport, Community Health, Recreational Exercise
Anticipated Funding: $450,000
Video submission closing date: May 4, 2018
Last Updated: April 1, 2019 1:14 AM
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The Challenge

What's the challenge?

Less than a third of us get enough physical activity every day. At VicHealth, we know how valuable sport is to get us moving toward better health and wellbeing. 

This is why VicHealth is providing funding through the Innovation Challenge: Sport to get more Victorians off the couch and playing more sport more often, with a focus on those with low physical activity levels. 

VicHealth is helping sporting bodies in partnership with innovators to test new ideas, concepts and innovations that tackle obstacles often blocking people from playing sport.  This time around there are three key focus areas for the Challenge:

1. More flexible and fun sport

It can be tricky fitting sport into our busy lifestyles and not everyone wants to compete at a club. Can sports become more fun and flexible for people?  For example: casual sport-based fitness activities for the time poor or more fun, less competitive versions of sport for people looking to socialise with friends.

2. More places to play

Sometimes people want to play but have nowhere to go.  Can you find new places to play sport or change the way sporting venues are used in the community?  For example: developing modified sport offerings for parks or beaches as well as improving access to existing sport venues via technological solutions or creative use of existing space to get more people playing.

3. More sport for everyone 

It’s often our groups experiencing higher levels of disadvantage who find themselves sitting on the sidelines. Can sport become an easy option for them to get them playing? For example: engaging new partners to create more welcoming environments at clubs or taking sport to community groups to improve opportunities to play.

The Partners


Eligibility Criteria

Who can get involved?

We are inviting sporting bodies from across the sport sector to rise to the Challenge.

Examples of organisations eligible for funding include; national sporting organisations, state sporting associations, disability state sporting bodies, regional sporting assemblies, local sporting clubs/associations, elite sporting teams; as well as Victorian local councils.

VicHealth will also accept submissions from a sporting body working in partnership with an innovator. You're an innovator if you like challenging the status quo and taking action when you see an opportunity emerge. You might be a social entrepreneur, a community organisation, a private provider or a digital expert.

Please note that we only accept submissions from sporting bodies directly. However we will accept submissions from a sporting body working in partnership with an innovator.

What will VicHealth not fund?

VicHealth will not fund the following:

  • a sporting organisation who has not acquitted all requirements of any previous grants awarded under VicHealth funding (to the satisfaction of VicHealth)
  • a sporting organisation who will not  commit to achieving and/or maintaining a minimum of 40% female representation on their sporting organisation’s Board by July 2019 (applies to SSAs, NSOs, RSAs and elite sporting teams only)
  • a sporting organisation where the program/activity involves striking or kicking another individual with intent to injure and the head is target. We will not support a program/activity that directly feeds into a participation pathway where the intention is to deliberately injure or inflict harm on another individual.
  • activities delivered outside of Victoria
  • programs delivered in schools during school hours, including those funded through the Australian Sports Commission’s Sporting Schools. Promotional activities in schools to engage young people may be included as part of a marketing strategy, however the actual program delivery must be outside of school hours.

When do I submit my video pitch?

VicHealth will accept submissions between Tuesday 3 April 2018 to Friday 4 May 2018 until 3pm Eastern Standard Time. 

How to Apply

Navigate to the application portal to submit your application.

Alongside an online application form, we invite you to provide a 90-second video pitch as your initial submission. It's easy- just talk to a camera. You can even record yourself on your smart phone!

VicHealth will be assessing the quality of the idea, not the quality of the video footage. You can even record yourself talking on your smart phone!

Keep in mind that 90 seconds is not a long time so try and focus on your key points and keep it concise. When scripting your pitch, consider the overall goal of the Challenge, which focus area you’re addressing and selection criteria (see below).

Check out some video pitches from 2014

When scripting your pitch consider the overall goal of the Challenge, the three focus areas (must address at least one) and selection criteria, in particular:

Challenge goal

  • How will your idea get inactive or somewhat active Victorians playing regular sport?

Focus areas (must address at least one)

  • How will your idea provide a fun and flexible opportunity for people to participate in sport?
  • How will your idea create new places or modify sporting venues for new innovative sporting programs?
  • How will your idea support people experiencing higher levels of disadvantage to get off the sidelines?

Selection criteria

  • Who are your key sport partners and how will you support sport sector alignment?
  • Why would you call your idea innovative and how is it different from other approaches?
  • Can you define your target audience and how you are addressing their barriers to sport participation?
  • Who will be delivering your sport and what does participation look like for your target audience?
  • Can your approach be tested with low cost/time/effort to generate participation quickly?
  • What’s your projected impact over the 18 month project timelines? I.e. number of participants increasing physical activity levels and number of regular participation opportunities you will create.
  • Do you have a well-developed, realistic plan to execute your idea and create a sustainable model? 

 Lastly, remember to make an impression

  • What is the main reason your idea is worth funding?

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