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Seeking solutions to minimise, prevent and predict possible disruptions to transport operations (closed)

IPI Singapore
This challenge has closed.
Tags: Singapore, RIE Industry Day, Engineering, Mechanics, Vehicle disruption, Vehicle breakdown, Transportation, Innovation
Audience: Other, Subject Matter Experts, Businesses, Start-Ups, Researchers, Students
Anticipated Funding: TBC
Applications close: June 30, 2019
Last Updated: June 30, 2019 10:44 PM
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The Challenge

To ensure that their vehicles are operationally ready, the company conducts regular scheduled preventive maintenance, which would help to minimise the possibility of vehicle breakdowns. However, during these scheduled maintenance, vehicle parts are typically replaced regardless of their condition.

When vehicles which were expected to function well breaks down, due to unforeseen circumstances (unrelated to traffic accidents), ad hoc corrective maintenance or repairs would need to be conducted by the company. In such situations, there would be times when spare parts stocks are insufficient, and vehicles would need to be left in the workshop for a longer time.

The company also leverages on telematics in order to monitor vehicle drivers’ behaviour, e.g. acceleration, hard braking, etc., which is limited to vehicle movement, rather than on the driver or the passengers.

The company is therefore keen to explore solutions that would reduce unnecessary replacement of parts, as well as reduce downtime/cost that arises when vehicles need to be in the workshop for maintenance or repairs due to unforeseen circumstances.

Solutions should incorporate other parameters to enhance the monitoring of:

  1. Vehicle condition for preventive and predictive maintenance,
  2. Drivers for their safety as well as the safety of passengers and road users.

Solutions should also include the possibility of combining leading and lagging safety parameters to prevent accidents and vehicle breakdown.

Technology owners should be open to work closely with the company to test the solution in phases, and further develop the technology to meet the said requirements. The initial phase may involve testing the solution on a small group of vehicles.

Technical Specifications

The proposed solution should (but not limited to):

  • Improve workforce productivity where technicians are able to know when maintenance is required
  • Reduce waste on spare parts, due to unnecessary replacement or stocking up
  • Enhance reliability and availability, providing clients with more reliable transport services
  • Reduce accident rates, improve safety and reduce operational cost relating to accidents

Some suggestions include:

  • Provisioning of accurate vehicle sensory system to predict and prevent vehicle breakdowns
  • Providing real-time feedback of driver’s level of alertness to both the driver himself and company’s operation management
  • Offering precise dashboard to clearly depict the health of vehicles and the safety parameters of drivers

Eligibility Criteria

The Event is open to global and Singapore-based research providers, students, or companies (start-ups, SMEs or larger companies).

We recommend that you consider the Technology Readiness Level that Problem Owners are seeking for when submitting solutions, as well as whether there is any requirement for selected applicants to have a physical presence in Singapore.

Global applicants must be prepared to bear any travel cost, be it for the face-to-face meeting on RIE Industry Day 2019, or for subsequent follow-up meetings. Subject to the approval of the Problem Owner, a teleconference meeting can be set up between the Problem Owner and shortlisted Solver for the first meeting.

Terms and Conditions

For complete details on the terms and conditions that govern the challenge please refer to the website.

How to Apply

To submit an application to the challenge please refer to the website.

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