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Seeking solutions to enable occupancy detection (closed)

IPI Singapore
This challenge has closed.
Tags: Singapore, RIE Industry Day, Environment, Occupancy Detection, Application Programming Interfaces, APIs, Innovation
Audience: Other, Subject Matter Experts, Businesses, Start-Ups, Researchers, Students
Anticipated Funding: TBC
Applications close: June 30, 2019
Last Updated: June 30, 2019 10:46 PM
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The Challenge

A company is seeking solutions to detect the presence of occupants inside an apartment.

This company manages the operation of apartments and they are working towards reducing energy consumption for environmental friendliness, especially when the apartments are unoccupied. 

An ideal solution should not require multiple sensors to be placed within the apartment, and yet able to sense the presence of occupants within the entire apartment space, regardless of their location or activity, i.e. through walls and doors. Furthermore, the solution should be easy to install and retrofitted into existing buildings and apartments.

The company requires that the solution be able to control the air-conditioning (A/C) in the individual apartments, as opposed to just shutting down the power in the apartment, so as to maintain thermal comfort for returning guests. This could be via ready open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for potential integration into the company’s in-house guest-facing mobile application, to enable control of in-room A/C via the mobile application.

The company also requires the solution to have an accompanying cloud-based dashboard to monitor and control in real-time, data from the apartments, and generate actionable insights based on data gathered for the company to act on.

The company is open to test-bed solutions that shows potential to meet their desired outcome, and technology owners should be open to further develop the technology to meet the said requirements.

Technical Specifications

The solution should be (but not limited to):

  • Able to detect the presence of occupants within the confines of an apartment, even if no motion has been detected for a long period of time
  • Able to provide correct feedback to leave lights and other electrical appliances on when the apartment is occupied, and turn off when unoccupied, with no false positives
  • Able to maintain thermal comfort by controlling the air-conditioning (A/C) settings, e.g. via integration with the company’s mobile application
  • Effective for areas up to 1,500 sqf (approximately 140 sqm)
  • Easy to install, does not require major electrical rewiring, especially for existing buildings and apartments
  • Able to gather and control real-time data from apartments, such as temperature, humidity, A/C runtime, A/C temperature set point, A/C cool or fan modes, energy consumption (in kWh), etc., through a cloud-based dashboard
  • Generate actionable insights for the company from the data collected
  • Cost-effective

Eligibility Criteria

The Event is open to global and Singapore-based research providers, students, or companies (start-ups, SMEs or larger companies).

We recommend that you consider the Technology Readiness Level that Problem Owners are seeking for when submitting solutions, as well as whether there is any requirement for selected applicants to have a physical presence in Singapore.

Global applicants must be prepared to bear any travel cost, be it for the face-to-face meeting on RIE Industry Day 2019, or for subsequent follow-up meetings. Subject to the approval of the Problem Owner, a teleconference meeting can be set up between the Problem Owner and shortlisted Solver for the first meeting.

Terms and Conditions

For complete details on the terms and conditions that govern the challenge please refer to the website.

How to Apply

To submit an application to the challenge please refer to the website.

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